Price List

5 g / 2500 pcs    Per Box  (Size 35 mm x 60 mm)

10 g / 1000 pcs  Per Box  (Size 35 mm x 95 mm)

25 g / 400 pcs    Per Box  (Size 90 mm x 100 mm)

100 g / 150 pcs   Per Box (Size 90 mm x 150 mm)


Silica gel is a desiccant, which means that it absorbs and holds onto water vapour from the surrounding air.

With a Tyvek outer packaging

Tyvek is a strong clean material that is tear resistant.

Used properly it can help protect many household and professional items.

Pop a few sachets in a zip-loc bag along with the items you want to protect:

Such as….

Cameras, Mobile Phone, Photo’s and Documents – avoid unwanted moisture…

Put some in your wardrobe to help keep clothes dry…

Make up bag, bulk pet food, dried flowers or in your jewelry box to help stop tarnishing.




We offer three main types of desiccant:  Activated Clay – Silica Gel – Molecular Sieve
Activated Clay is a good basic desiccant for general packaging.
Silica Gel is more refined and is beneficial for attracting moisture molecules.
Molecular Sieve is a highly specialised desiccant for use in Medical and Diagnostic industries.